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Exclusive Services

Résumés, CV’s, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, Sizzle Sheets, Most Industries & Professions


  • STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering & Math

  • Education

  • Health

  • Manufacturing

  • Construction

  • Government

  • Military to Civilian

  • Telecommunications

  • Oil & Gas

  • Energy

  • Technology

  • Trades

  • Technical

  • Administrative

  • Mature Job Seekers / Older Workers

Executive Bios, Résumés, CV’s, Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles Sizzle Sheets


  • Executive Level

  • C-Suite

  • Vice President

  • President

  • CEO

  • CIO

  • CFO

  • CTO

  • Executive Director

Career Advising and Job Search

​Through personalized coaching and the use of the most effective job search strategies and techniques, I work with individuals from Blue Collar to C-Suite, to identify the best career options and to develop self-marketing, interviewing, and salary negotiation skills. The purpose of my advising services is to help job seekers capture the attention of prospective employers, and position themselves as the best candidate for the jobs they pursue. Please schedule a phone call with me to discuss your career situation and needs.

Company Outplacement Services & Career Transition Services, Offboarding & Crisis Support

We partner with employers to ensure that layoffs and terminations proceed smoothly, and that the former employee is provided with immediate career and emotional support.

Benefits of Offboarding & Career Transition Services

  • Improves your reputation and shows that you care about your employees.

  • Reduces risk of workplace violence, lawsuits, and property damage from angry employees.

  • Improves employee self-esteem, lessens anxiety, and improves motivation.

  • Lowers unemployment costs – Studies show that employees move forward faster and land new jobs faster than they would if they were left to go it alone.

  • Decreases stressors caused by unemployment on mental health, finances, relationships & and families.

  • Promotes life-long psychosocial well-being, educational, and career development.

  • Empowers people to overcome common and complex barriers to employment and self-sufficiency.

resumes, cvs, cover letters
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